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Operazione Risorgimento Digitale

The full calendar of Operation Digital Risorgimento, the digital education project for Italy that aims to reach 1 million people through 107 different stops, has been published online

12/17/2019 - 09:33 AM

To find out the place and date of the stage closest to you, just consult the calendar (in Italian) available here.

Watch the video (in Italian): citizens and educators describe the project

The initiative is being delivered by around 400 educators, who will provide 20,000 hours of lessons including:

- public lectures on the internet and its potential

- a digital helpdesk for doubts and questions about the internet and digital technology, for example to understand how to manage email, use social networks, produce photos and videos in everyday life, but also how to do effective research and use online public services

- classroom courses to become web citizens, learn how to get online, find information, communicate, share, and live your daily life as a digital citizen.

There is no need to reserve a space for the public lectures or to access the helpdesk, but those interested in the classroom courses – which include three 2-hour lessons – need to book online here.