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Telecom Italia: four months free fixed tariff for people who have gone back home in the areas hit by the earthquake

The suspension of sending bills continues for all the lines that have not yet recorded any telephone traffic

08/13/2012 - 12:30 PM

Telecom Italia continues to support the population hit by last May’s earthquake with a new initiative involving the suspension from the bill of the fixed tariff for telephony, ADSL and any additional services for a period of four months, for people who have gone back home or to their workplace and started to use the phone line regularly. This benefit, regarding residential and business clients, will be applied in the bills to be sent out from the end of August.

Telecom Italia is likewise continuing the temporary suspension of the sending of bills for fixed telephony residential and business lines located in towns affected by the earthquake, which have not yet recorded any telephone traffic. With regard to the Telecom Italia and TIM bills already issued, credit collection procedures have been blocked and extended up to 17 September for all customers, whatever the expiry date on the bill.

There are now 18 shelter camps where Telecom Italia has activated free Wi-Fi services with new hotspots. After the initial nine camps, i.e.  Campo Misericordie - San Felice sul Panaro (MO), Centro Sportivo Santa Liberata - Cento (FE), Campo Sportivo Massa Finalese - Finale Emilia (MO), Campo Sportivo - Sant'Agostino (FE), Campo 6 - Finale Emilia (MO), Parco dei Salici - Reggiolo (RE), Campo Sportivo - Novi (MO),  Centro Sportivo - Mirandola (MO) and Campo CRI - Concordia sulla Secchia (MO) -  others have been added in recent weeks: Tendopoli Biavati 1-2 - Crevalcore (BO), Campo Piscine - Carpi (MO), Campo Molise - Medolla (MO), Campo CISOM a Bomporto (MO), Campo Regione Toscana - San Possidonio (MO), Campo ANPAS, Campo Sportivo Via Toti, Campo Via Pertini - Mirandola (MO) and Campo Piscina - San Felice sul Panaro (MO).

In order to speed up the resumption of business activities in the so-called yellow zone, Telecom Italia has made available free of charge, for six months after activation, the main cloud infrastructure services offered by Italian Cloud (including virtual servers, storage and virtual desktop services). To apply for the initiative, contact toll-free number 800 191 101 (followed by dedicated code number 8223420).

Rome, 13 August 2012



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