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Fast internet starts in Andalo

The project to cover the region of Trento with Adsl2+ has been presented today.

03/30/2012 - 02:21 PM

The project to provide safe and fast internet to the entire region of Trento will begin in Andalo. With this initiative the region of Trento will become the first part of Italy in which new generation internet will be a reality for its residents. The initiative, developed by Telecom Italia with the collaboration of the autonomous region of Trento, was presented today during an event dedicated to businesses operating in Trentino and addressing business opportunities and services the web has to offer. The modernisation of the internet landline service began towards the end of 2011 and will finish by 2013. Lorenzo Dellai, president of Trentino’s autonomous region, said that, after making the WiNet wifi service available throughout the region, the arrival of a fast landline internet service represents an opportunity for the region to exploit the advantages of new online digital markets. This is the second step towards providing all households and businesses in Trentino with fibre optic connectivity by 2018.

An Adsl 2+ fast internet service is arriving in all of the Trentino region. Families, businesses and users in Trentino will be able to benefit from an internet service capable of providing a download speed of 20Mbit/s. This will be achieved using the traditional copper lines used for landline telephone services and Telecom Italia’s new phone and internet exchange points. The new technology will mean that access to the internet will be more stable and occur at higher speeds thereby improving performance for activities such as: streaming, watching videos on demand, uploading photos and videos etc. From today in the areas covered by the service, hotels, for example, will be able to rely on a connection capable of dealing with their reservation systems. Not only will the speed increase but new and advanced services will become available to the residents in Trentino.

With the “Internet Veloce” (Fast Internet) project, the autonomous region of Trento will be able to provide all its residents with a stable and secure connection that can reach a download speed of 20Mbit/s. This is in accordance with the guidelines set out by Brussels in the “Europa 2020” document. The project began in 2011 and will cover the entire region by 2013. It will have a positive effect on those areas at risk of being marginalised – or so-called market failure areas – in which the land’s morphology and low density of population make private investment uneconomic.

In November 2010, the regional council invested 8.4 million Euros to modernise its landline services and to guarantee “Super Internet” services to the whole region. The tender (destined for telecommunication providers/operators) was won by Telecom Italia in May 2011.

The modernisation of the internet and phone exchange centres has been financed by the region. These centres are accessible to any other telecommunications provider interested in offering advanced connectivity services to households and businesses, at prices and conditions determined by the authority that guarantees and controls the communication services. To date 57 exchange points have been modernised and guarantee advanced services to 50 councils in Trentino. The project aims to modernize 185 exchange points by 2013 thereby guaranteeing faster internet services to more than 90% of Trentino’s population.

The development of Adsl 2+ is part of Trentino’s strategic network projects, promoted by the region to provide a fast internet service for everyone and improved competitiveness to the territory. At the root of such projects there is the belief that these new technologies can create the conditions for sustainable economic growth and make Trentino a region for innovation characterised by a capillary and extensive network capable of improving its competitiveness and the well-being of its residents.

The initiative marks the connecting stage between the placing of the fibre optic backbone (which will be completed by 2012 - 750km of cables which make up the principal data routes from which connectivity is then distributed across the region) and the implementation of the access networks (to be completed by 2018) -in this way providing fibre-optic internet access to all households and business in Trentino.


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