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Telecom Italia: Cloudpeople.it is born, a new Italian community dedicated to Cloud Computing

A community at the service of innovators, opinion leaders and technology fans. One year after the birth of Nuvola Italiana (Italian Cloud), Cloudpeople.it  positions itself as a reference point for cloud computing culture development. The initiative avails itself of the cooperation of Gartner and  Il Sole 24 Ore

10/18/2011 - 05:30 PM

One year after the birth of Nuvola Italiana,Telecom Italia launches Cloudpeople.it the new Italian community intended to promote and spread cloud computing culture in our Country. It is a space  where to find updated news and share knowledge and information on cloud computing, also thanks to the cooperation of  Il Sole 24 and the contribution of Gartner analysts on IT service evolution.

Cloudpeople addresses ICT experts, University Professors, opinion leaders, influencers and top managers of main Italian and International companies, researchers, journalists, but also innovators, students and technology fans who always want to be updated on Nuvola news. A meeting point where to share knowledge and create a network of people who want to relate experiences to ideas in cloud computing, the so-called “intelligence in the cloud”.

The web site Cloudpeople.it is a multimedia magazine which editorial content produced by staff is organized in four main areas:

  • Innovation, to understand how cloud computing will change our future;
  • Security, to find all answers and solutions on the theme of reliability;
  • Optimization, to understand advantages offered by the cloud in terms of flexibility, timeliness and investment reduction;
  • Applications, to know all technology solutions made available by Nuvola.

Each registered user can feed and update his own contribution to the community contents by sharing information and transferring knowledge to other users, also through the world of Social Networks, from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to Youtube and Quora. The public portion of the site can be accessed to get information on cloud computing and opportunities offered by Nuvola Italiana, while registered members can also consult contents generated by other active members, thus feeding the community. Finally, premium members can access a private area containing selected articles and news, beyond sector studies or video interviews with relevant people on specialized topics.

The cooperation of Gartner and Il Sole 24 ORE with Nòva24 editorial staff will guarantee a constant flux of quality information, available exclusively to the community registered members, together with news, articles, white paper, interviews, infographics, original contents of academics and feeds of main bloggers.

By means of Cloudpeople.it, Telecom Italia wants to share the experience of Nuvola Italiana, that recently saw its portfolio of offerings enriched thanks to new services and applications made available to companies (Nuvola It Virtual Desktop, Nuvola It Mobile Apps and Nuvola It Data Space), thus positioning itself as the only real Cloud computing provider in Italy able to guarantee reliability and security requested by companies, thanks to a combination of net and computer infrastructures allowing  high quality level service management in end-to-end modality.

Milan, 18 October 2011



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