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The Telecom Italia day nursery in via Isonzo in Turin inaugurated today

The day nursery in the company headquarters: an initiative to enhance the balance between life and work

06/08/2010 - 01:45 PM

The Telecom Italia day nursery in Via Isonzo 112, in has been inaugurated today. The event was centred around the rhythms and activities of the little guests who welcomed the visitors with stories and showed them around the nursery.  The event was attended by the Telecom Italia People Caring Manager Fabio Galluccio, the North-West Area Human Resources Manager Giovanni Paolucci, and representatives of the local institutions, while the parents of the children have provided their direct testimonial.

The day nursery at the company offices is an initiative of the Telecom Italia People Caring project, and at enhancing the work/life balance.

There are currently eleven facilities operating throughout the country (9 in company offices and 2 under conventions with external nurseries), hosting approximately 400 children, and organised on the basis of the population potentially concerned at the Telecom Italia facilities. Priority has been given to the call centres, places with a large number of young and women workers and located in parts of the cities where there are inadequate services. The crèche facilities host employee children from 3 months to 3 years old, with very flexible working hours and with the possibility to choose between periods of four, six or eight hours per day.

The other People Caring projects include: study tours and summer holidays for the children of employees, with over 6,000 young people taking part annually; scholarships, in collaboration with Intercultura, in various European and non-European countries; loans and grants of various types, also for young mothers and young fathers; time-saving services for bureaucratic tasks; conventions with major companies. In addition there are specific activities highlighting the commitment of employees in volunteer work, such as being able to work for two weeks assisting children with various problems at a Dynamo Camp Onlus centre and the solidarity stands in the various company headquarters for collecting funds for the various charitable associations of which the employees are members.

Turin, 8 June 2010