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From 3 to 7 May 2010 "Tutti su Internet" is back

This year, the 5th edition of the “Settimana dell'alfabetizzazione" (Digital Literacy Week), promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Telecom Italia, will involve not only Lazio, but also Marche, Piedmont, Lombardy and Romania. The computer classrooms open to the neighbourhood public in over 60 schools of all types and levels, as well as 50 social centres for senior citizens in Rome. Rome, as leader of the project, will inaugurate the event with a video conference with senior citizens and Romanian students.

04/12/2010 - 06:00 PM

The schools involved in the computer literacy programme for over-60s promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, and the 50 social centres for senior citizens in Rome participating in the Telemouse project, implemented in collaboration with Telecom Italia, are the protagonists of the initiative “Tutti su Internet” (Everybody on the Internet). The senior surfers, with the student tutors and coordinating teachers have invited the public to go back to the neighbourhood school to learn the ABCs of computers, how to write a letter, to send an e-mail message, to chat or talk on the phone via  the web, and use the on-line services provided by the civil service. In Rome, over-60s can take short computer courses at the Internet corner of the senior citizens’ clubs.

The inauguration of the “Tutti su Internet” week will take place in Rome on Monday 3 May, at 10 a.m., at the E. Fermi Technical Industrial School (via Trionfale 8737) in video conference with the city of Iasi in Romania where the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has exported the model Grandparents on the Internet. The first thirty Romanian grandparents following the course on computers, e-government and social networking included in the Silver, Stimulating ICT Learning for Active EU Elders, part of the EU Life Long Learning Programme, will talk about their experience in this link with Rome

The 60 schools, where the computers will be on and the web connections open from 3-7 May, include 29 primary schools and 29 secondary schools (9 on the first level and 20 on the second level), where computer courses for seniors have just ended.

The digital literacy plan developed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale in 2003 with the intergenerational learning model Nonni su Internet (Grandparents on the Internet) is now conducted in several ways, according to the local context, and associated with several initiatives (the recycling campaign, training of foreign persons etc.). In particular, an initiative has started this year in the city of Rome, with the collaboration of Telecom Italia, with the TeleMouse project. A memorandum of understanding has been signed with Auser and Spi-Cgil for the national programme "Nonni in Internet, un click per stare insieme" (Grandparents on the Internet, a click to be together). In Ireland, Intel, a longstanding partner of the Foundation, has developed the national plan Log On, Learn. In Spain, Belgium and Romania, the over-60s study the computer with the Silver project, coordinated by the Foundation with the support of Edinburgh University (United Kingdom).

Rome, 12 April 2010