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Telecom Italia wins Consip call for tenders regarding Public Administration fixed-line services

The company wins 75% of lines under auction. 36-month agreement includes option for extension to 48 months

04/26/2011 - 12:45 PM

Telecom Italia has won the Consip call for tenders regarding a new agreement for the provision of fixed-line telephony services (voice and data) to the Italian Public Administration, after scoring highest in both the technical and pricing categories. Telecom Italia is set to sign an agreement with Consip for the provision of 375,000 lines, corresponding to 75% of the total number of lines under auction, extendable up to a maximum of 525,000 lines.

The open procedure auction, which had a €1,280 million base value, was evaluated in terms of the most advantageous technical and economic criteria.

The 36-month agreement is extendable to 48 months. It covers around 19,000 beneficiary entities (central and local PA bodies), and will see Telecom Italia providing traditional or VoIP voice lines, internet or intranet data access via xDSL or fibre optic broadband technology.

Public Administration departments will also have access to Intelligent Network services including Freephone and shared charge numbers, security services such as a Firewall, Antivirus and Content Filtering, and value added services such as e-mail and internet domain name management.

In February, Telecom Italia won another Consip call for tenders regarding the provision of mobile telephony services.


Rome, 26 April 2011


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