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Telecom Italia's MyDoctor@Home wins the "Premio dei Premi" for innovation

The MyDoctor@Home remote home diagnostics solution today won the Prize for Innovation in Information Communication & Media Technology (ICMT) as part of Confindustria Enterprise Awards for Innovation

06/08/2010 - 06:24 PM

Telecom Italia today received the ICMT 2010 “Premio dei Premi” in the telecommunications-driven category for its MyDoctor@Home remote home diagnostics solution, at an event held at the Quirinal Palace attended by President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

This prestigious award was made by the Italian Business Confederation’s Innovative and Technology Services office as part of the confederation’s Enterprise Awards for Innovation. The application won the award for its social significance and for the degree of integration it achieves in terms of technological convergence and level of service, as well as for its high level in terms of innovation, ease of access, value creation, and for its contribution to Italian competitiveness.

The MyDoctor@Home remote diagnostics service allows patients suffering from cardiac, diabetic or lung ailments to measure their clinical parameters from home, either alone or with nurse support. The results are then automatically uploaded to their hospital medical unit over any available fixed line or mobile network. The system consists of a technology platform plus software for installation on the patient/nursing staff’s smart phone or PC. The MyDoctor@Home solution helps to reduce the number of patients who have to go back into hospital, while ensuring care standards and improving patient quality of life. The system also significantly optimizes National Health Service costs.

This prestigious award is further recognition of Telecom Italia’s commitment to developing groundbreaking information and communication technology solutions that improve people’s quality of life, simplify bureaucracy and make government bodies and enterprises more competitive, benefiting the whole Italian economy and fostering greater sustainability.

On National Innovation Day, Telecom Italia also received a special mention from Confcommercio in the “ICT & Service Design in Services” category for CuboVision®, an innovative digital platform conceived for integrated multimedia service promotion and access.

Rome, 8 June 2010


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