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Teleguide, cultural information via your mobile phone

07/07/2009 - 01:00 PM

Teleguide, an innovative service that allows citizens and tourists to find out more about Italy’s cities and their cultural heritage via mobile phone, is being unveiled today at 11:30 a.m. in the Minister’s Hall at the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Created by Telecom Italia and tourism and cultural heritage content provider MP Mirabilia, in agreement with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, Teleguide goes live tomorrow in the cities of Lecce and Bari, before being rolled out to Ravenna, Rome, and then gradually the rest of Italy.

Integrated with Italy’s network of monument information panels, the service enables citizens and tourists to find out more about artistic locations via their cellphones via a simple call, video call or over WAP.
To find out information about a given monument, users simply call or video call 48255, key in the code number on the information panel by the monument, and then listen to or watch the content. Information will also be available via WAP: users simply send a text message to 48255 including the site code, and then receive a link that takes them to the monument’s website.

The service costs €5 for 24 hours, during which time there is no limit on the number of items that may be consulted. The €5 charge is payable the first time that the service is accessed. WAP users also pay the extra cost of the text message request for the service. Customers who are roaming on the Telecom Italian network can access the service by calling +39 339 994 8255; roaming customers will be charged at their usual price plan rates.

For the first month, Teleguide will be available to TIM customers only. The service will subsequently be opened up to all mobile phone users.
To assist users during their travels, brochures about the service, including city maps, are being distributed via tourist information kiosks and through hotels.

The Teleguide service combines technology with traditional tourist/cultural information services, enhancing the existing information options and methods open to visitors. Local cultural heritage information is presented through words, pictures, audio and video, making it easier for visitors to find out about the historical and artistic wonders of the city they are touring.

Rome, July 28, 2009


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