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Telecom Italia: orders for 3.1 million mobile phones and data cards at the Madrid Dealer Convention


60% of Telecom Italia sales network orders are now for 3G mobile phones and data cards

“Ducati Corse” Onda USB modems unveiled, offering 7.2 Mega websurfing and enabled for 5 Mega uplink, along with new internet bundles including PCs

Brand new “TIM I’M” launched, offering Windows Live Messenger access from mobile phones as easily as from a PC

05/26/2008 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia presented its new offerings for the forthcoming months in Madrid, taking 3.1 million orders for mobile phones and internet USB keys. Orders for UMTS/HSDPA products now account for 60% of the total, confirming the positive trend for the development of interactive and mobile broadband services.  At March 31, 2008, 1.4 million TIM customers were using mobile broadband.

The next few months will see a major internet websurfing and access services drive with the roll out ofnew Internet Onda USB modems in “Ducati Corse” livery, offering mobile websurfing at speeds of7.2 mega. These keys are already 5 megabits per second uplink compatible, making it possible to send and receive very large e-mails and videos in a matter of seconds.

Through its “Alice Mobile” product, TIM is the only carrier in Italy to offer a range of laptops (from Asus, HP and Acer) that customers can purchase bundled with an internet USB key and 100 hours of included websurfing for 30 euros per month.

“TIM I’M”, a brand new service launching in Italy, is an “Intelligent” Contacts service installed on new TIM mobile phones that allows people to communicate with the people on their contacts lists via the medium of their choice: instant messaging, mail, SMS, MMS or video phone calls. TIM I’M will also offer access to Alice Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, which has more than 12 million users in Italy, as easily as from a PC.

TIM was the first mobile phone provider in Italy to offer the BlackBerry service to the consumer market. Now, the carrier is rolling out “Maxxi Day BlackBerry”, a 24-hour daypass for web and email (sending and receiving) for just one euro.


Rome, May  26, 2008