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Telecom Italia launches "PAROLE E PERSONE”, the first channel devised for TV via internet

05/12/2006 - 03:24 PM

From May 15, five new original formats will enrich the programming of Alice Home TV and the Rosso Alice portal. They will include talk shows and novelties on the main news, cultural and social themes of the day with the direct participation of the audience via email and video content.

Fanny Cadeo, Debora Caprioglio, Marta Cosaro, Marina La Rosa and Raffaello Tonon will be the stars of the new channel, hosting the various daily programmes.

“Parole e Persone”, the first channel created exclusively for Alice Home TV, the new TV via Internet service from Telecom Italia which is directly accessible through the household television, will debut on Monday, May 15.

The programming of “Parole e Persone”, which is free, will initially consist of 5 original formats which will be aired each night from Monday to Friday from 7.30 pm  to 2.00 am and then repeated, in continuous rotation, from 2.00 am to 7.30 pm the following day. In the “Contenuti Video” special section, viewers will be able to see repeats of their favourite programmes on request, at all times, by consulting a complete and always-available archive.
The stars who will be hosting the programmes are Fanny Cadeo, Debora Caprioglio, Marta Cosaro, Marina La Rosa and Raffaello Tonon.

Progamming will be launched at 7.30 pm by Marta Cosaro with her programme “Lunario, l’almanacco di Alice”: a show dedicated to stories and curiosities about the phases of the moon, traditions and superstitions, lives of the saints and urban myths, as well as wine and food items and health and beauty tips.
The various programmes include “Gli Eventi del giorno” (dedicated to important historical events which occurred on that date), birthdays of famous people, the guest of the day (an expert, a collector or a unusual hobbyists), the appointments of the Lunar calendar (exhibitions, festivals and fares announced by Italian municipalities), the astrological advice of Susanna Schimperna and lastly the proverb of the day. The programme will last about 35 minutes and will include the participation of Ida Maritan and many other guests.

Debora Caprioglio will host “Afrodite”, a programme focused on love and the emotions, in all their nuances. The protagonists of the show will be the viewers who, by sending email messages, will offer talking points and suggest a theme for each episode.
The stories selected will be interpreted by two actors in the first part of the talk show. In the second part, instead, the actual protagonists will recount their personal experiences, choices and decisions, comparing them to those portrayed in the initial fiction.

“In Out” hosted by Marina La Rosa is a handy manual of good manners, a compass to help you orient yourself in all of life’s circumstances: from how to present yourself to a prospective employer to how to avoid “mobbing”. There will be a manual for couples and one for friendships, and also a manual on seductive behaviour. In the programme’s 35 minutes, Marina La Rosa, along with a guest or an expert, will look at different themes each day and two actors will portray scenes exemplifying correct and wrong behaviours in various situations.

At 11.00 pm, Fanny Cadeo and Raffaello Tonon will host “SOS Notte”, a talk-show with four studio guests discussing the insomnia, dreams and hopes of night owls. The programme will include live interaction between guests and viewers who, after sending an email, will be contacted by phone to join the discussion.

“Fuori dai denti” is a programme directed by viewers. “Snippets” of 5 minutes which will act as bridges between programmes, in which viewers will be able to send their personal contributions to air. Videos sent from home will be colour-coded: pink for declarations of love and thank-you messages, red for complaints, green for auditions, light blue for confessions, excuses and forgiveness, and lastly yellow to report social injustices.

The programming of “Parole e Persone” will be completed with the Maurizio Costanzo Show at 11.40 pm.

The “Parole e Persone” channel will also be available on Rosso Alice (http://www.rossoalice.it/), Telecom Italia’s ADSL portal, where the “Content On Demand” section is also available.

To use Alice Home TV one needs to activate an ADSL “Alice 4 Mega” connection, together with a kit made up of a decoder to connect to the television set and an ADSL WI-Fi modem. Using a remote control and a simple graphic interface created for IPTV you can access theme channels including Film, Sport, News, Music and buy on-demand video content. An infra-red  keyboard also allows Internet navigation via the television set.
To access the ADSL Rosso Alice portal, http://www.rossoalice.it/, one needs only a broadband connection of any type.


Milan, 12 May 2006