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Telecom Italia: agreement with the TorVergata University and the Ministry of Communications to promote technical and scientific research

03/27/2002 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia, the Higher Institute of Communications and Information Technologies (Ministry of Communications) and the “TorVergata” University yesterday signed an agreement at the Dean’s office of the “TorVergata” University of Rome.

Conceived to bring about a fruitful working partnership between these three organizations, the agreement enacts institutional recommendations issued by the European Commission and the Ministry of Communications in Italy regarding increased scientific research and promotion of development and integration in the following subject areas:
- Internet technologies in pursuit of "Environmental Intelligence" objectives
- "Fourth Generation" mobile telecommunications 
- Multimedia technologies oriented towards Virtual Immersive TelePresence (VIT).

The agreement covers research and development projects, scientific and technical consulting, education and training activities, and joint participation in national and international research projects.

Synergies developed through this joint-venture involving the academic and public sectors and the world of business will not only encourage the exchange of knowledge and further the available number of highly qualified ICT researchers, it will also help to enhance skills levels in an industry of key importance to Italy, while at the same time opening up new job opportunities for young people.