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Become a supplier of the TIM Group

Do you want to become a supplier of the Telecom Italia Group? Fill in the registration form (in Italian) and see below to discover the main steps.

For detailed information and any questions you can also download the self-registration guide (1.6 MB, .pdf file).

1 - Fill in the registration form

Fill in the registration form

Filling in this form allows you to outline the characteristics of your company:

  • profile
  • areas of activity
  • size
  • any references

2 - Telecom Italia examines and assesses your form

In this phase your form will be examined and assessed by Telecom Italia to check if it meets our purchasing needs.

YES: Your company meets our purchasing needs. What happens next?


3 - The qualification process to become a supplier starts

Telecom Italia will contact you for any further information, and/or will start the qualification process for inclusion on the Telecom Italia Group's Register of Suppliers.
Read the box to the right to discover more about the qualification process.

4 - Your company will be included in the Register of Suppliers

If the qualification process is successful your company will be included in the Telecom Italia Group's Register of Suppliers and may be involved in commercial relationships (tender requests, competitions, etc.).

Inclusion on Telecom Italia's Register of Suppliers is not permanent, rather it is subject to periodic checks in order to ascertain the qualification requirements are maintained.

NO: Your company does not meet our purchasing needs. What happens next?


3 - Your form may be taken into consideration later

If your form is not selected it may in any case be taken into consideration at a later date if Telecom Italia intends to extend the list of suppliers for markets connected to your business.

Read more on the qualification process

The qualification process normally requires sending specific questionnaires to analyse the company, economic/financial and technical-organisational status of the candidate with possible audits c/o the candidate's premises in order to verify possession of certain requirements, specialised by market, that Telecom feels necessary for its Supplier profiles.

After qualification took place, in order to access the service for electronic Exchange of documents on Vendors Hub, the Supplier must sign the General Terms of Membership (CGA) listed below.

General terms for electronic exchange of documents (in Italian)

Download the document

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