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Modem ADSL Fritz!Box 7270

06/05/2013 - 02:45 PM

The eco-efficiency features of the “Fritz!Box 7270” modem represent a significant improvement in terms of environmental impacts compared to similar older generation products:

  • when all the main functionalities are active, the product allows savings of around 25% of electrical energy when compared to the challenging targets set by the European voluntary Code of Conduct for Broadband Equipment, which is corresponding to saving the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent);
  • the weight of the plastic used to manufacture the shell has been reduced by 52% in comparison to an old generation product with similar functionalities;
  • the product’s case is composed of three parts, assembled using snap fits only and without screws, so that disassembly time has been reduced by 72,5% when compared to an old generation product with similar functionalities;
  • the package is mono-material and the cardboard used is not plasticized and 90% recycled.