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Suppliers in TIM Spa
Sustainability indicators: results and targets for suppliers in TIM Spa

Results and targets suppliers TIM SpA

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Suppliers TIM S.p.A.
IndicatorsDetails2017 Target 2017 Final Figures2018 Target2018 Final Figures2018 Status Target[*]2019 Target
% suppliers audited.Total amount of high risk suppliers who have undergone an in-depth sustainability audit since 2010[1].80% of high risk suppliers81% of high risk suppliers with at least one sustainability audit.80% of high risk suppliers84%A85%
% of suppliers assessed.Suppliers assessed with a basic ethics questionnaire. Moreover, suppliers belonging to risk sectors are assessed with a more complex questionnaire[2].100% of qualified suppliers100%100%100%A100%
% procurement staff who received training on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks relating to purchasing decisions.% staff directly involved in procurement, who participated in at least one training session on ESG matters.80%87%80%83%A90%
% contracts containing clauses connected with ESG risks. 100%100%100%100%A100%
% suppliers with ISO 14001 or equivalent certificates. 50% of network suppliers.91%70% of network suppliers.90%A90%
Integration of the ESG risk profile in the general supplier risk profile.All the suppliers qualified and registered in the register of suppliers are assessed based on an overall “Key Risk Indicator” which also includes sustainability indicators.100% of qualified suppliers100%100%100%A100%
GHG scope 3 emissionsestimate calculated on the basis of the amount of spending by TIM over total suppliers' revenues40% of spending47%45%   
Suppliers’ water useestimate calculated on the basis of the amount of spending by TIM over total suppliers' revenues40% of spending41%40%   
% of suppliers’ contracts terminated/not
 awarded/not renewed forESG reasons
Reporting complaints and breaches
distribution of suppliers by purchasing market clusterSee below, General Statistics      
  • [*]

    Target Status: A = achieved; NA = not achieved

  • [1]

    The number of high risk suppliers varies year on year, as it depends on the orders made every year and the procurement market in which the same suppliers operate. The same applies, in general, to the total number of suppliers belonging to the various procurement markets.

  • [2]

    The KPI refers both to new suppliers and to existing suppliers in case of renewal or extension of their qualification

General statistics

Geographical distribution of Suppliers Sectorial distribution of suppliers by macro purchasing categories Distribution of suppliers outside Italy Suppliers CO2 emissions and water consumption

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