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Human Resources in TIM S.p.A.
Sustainability indicators: targets and results for Human Resources in TIM S.p.A.

Targets and results human resources in TIM spa

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Human Resources
IndicatorUnit of  Measurement2018 Target2018 Final figure2018 Status Target*2019 Target
Training in Health, Safety and Environment issues (1)Training hours90145,358A90
Training hours per head (1)Training hours per head2719.28A30
Training coverage (percentage of employees out of the entire workforce who have taken part in at least one training session)%80100.4A98
Accidents per 100 workersNumber1.050.98A0.90
  • [*]

    2018 Target status: A = achieved; NA = not achieved

  • (1)

    The data includes classroom, online and on-the-job training.