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Suppliers in TIM Brasil
Sustainability indicators: results and targets for suppliers in TIM Brasil

Results and targets suppliers TIM Brasil

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TIM Brasil - Suppliers
IndicatorDetail2017 Target2017 Final Figure2018 Target2018 Final Figure2018 Status Target*2019 Target
Number of suppliers  Main suppliers assessed with sustainability criteria.250629**350831An.a.
% of assessed suppliers(1).Suppliers assessed with a basic ethics questionnaire(2).n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.85
  • [*]

    Target Status: A = achieved; NA = not achieved

  • [**]

    The 2017 result was (significantly) higher than the relative objective as the Company launched an experimentation (with a duration of 18 months) of a new suppliers' qualification process.

  • n.a.

    not available because another indicator was set for 2019

  • (1)

    Suppliers contracted directly by the Business Support Officer department

  • (2)

    New objective.