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Human rights in TIM

Our commitment on respecting Human Rights dates back to many years ago. In 2015 we also adopted a policy, the purpose of which is embedding the Human Rights in TIM’s operations.

From July 2019 the online (in)formation and training course on Human Rights, already available since a few years for all of TIM’s people, is available to everyone, in a revised and adapted version.
Our course highlights what human rights are and the role of the main international institution that governs them, it also emphasizes the importance of businesses operating in the TLC sector in the defense of human rights and analyzes what each citizen can do for their protection.
After the Human Rights due diligence carried out at TIM from autumn 2012 to spring 2014, due diligence began in 2018 at Olivetti.

What are human rights? They are universal, inalienable rights recognised as inherent in people because they are human beings. These assumptions are fundamental with respect to freedom, justice and world peace. It may seem that these principles are elementary and can be taken for granted, but this is not the case. 

An adapted and revised version of the human rights information and training pathway, from which thousands of TIM employees have already benefited, is also available online to the public as of today.
This digital tour has a structure resembling a seven-stage voyage of discovery. At the end of this journey, users know what can be done when their human rights are violated or they witness such a violation.

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