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Our relations with suppliers

In addition to suppliers and sub-suppliers, our activities involve the communities in which the suppliers operate and the associations that oversee environmental and social aspects.

Our purchases take place mainly in the two geographical areas where the Group’s major operations take place, i.e Italy and Brazil, and are mostly directed at these categories of products/services:

  • telecommunications networks,
  • telecommunications products,
  • information technology,
  • technical and professional services,
  • power systems,
  • other.

Our relationship with suppliers and the activities we undertake with them are governed by our Sustainable Procurement Policy, which aims to minimise our impact on the environment and that of our suppliers.

This document, which can be viewed and downloaded via the TIM “Vendors Hub” portal, helps to orient our procurement policies towards products with a low environmental impact. 

A few figures for 2018



suppliers who received purchase orders from the TIM Group (- 6% compared to 2017 and – 14% compared to 2016)



subcontractors, involved in particular in carrying out work on the Network (- 4% compared to 2017 and + 1% compared to 2016)

Our Policy for Suppliers

Sustainable System

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Sustainable Procurement

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