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A journey to discover Human Rights

What are human rights? They are universal, inalienable rights recognised as inherent in people because they are human beings. These assumptions are fundamental with respect to freedom, justice and world peace. It may seem that these principles are elementary and can be taken for granted, but this is not the case.

08/01/2019 - 09:35 AM

An adapted and revised version of the human rights information and training pathway, from which thousands of TIM employees have already benefited, is also available online to the public as of today. The main topics of the tour include:

  • the fundamental principles and interests protected
  • appointed human rights protection bodies
  • some historical background
  • the impact of companies on human rights
  • human rights and TLC companies
  • what TIM is doing in this area.

This digital tour, designed for those who wish to broaden their knowledge of human rights and created with technical support from Levity Communication, is easy to use and can be interrupted and resumed at any time. It is possible to create your own pathway according to the subjects that you are most interested in.

It also has a structure resembling a seven-stage voyage of discovery. At the end of this journey, users know what can be done when their human rights are violated or they witness such a violation.

The tangible quality of certain narrative devices aids comprehension of the pathway’s content, bringing the theme of human rights into all of our everyday lives in a certain sense. Examples include the City of Rights, which allows you to select buildings connected to the various stages of the journey for general and in-depth information, the Briefcase, for holding documents of interest so that they can be read at any time, and the practical cases for understanding the value of respect for people.

TIM’s proactive commitment in terms of human rights initiatives and networks began a long time ago, however. This tour was made open so that everyone can benefit from it precisely in order to share our experience and raise awareness of these issues.


The Italian Parliament and Government have ratified Directive 95/2014 through Legislative Decree 254 of 30 December, 2016, in force since 1 January, 2017. This European directive requests that businesses meeting certain criteria – including TIM – report on the management of certain issues periodically, including prevention of human rights abuses.


European directive n° 95/2014

Legislative Decree 254 of 30 December, 2016