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17 concrete proposals and many ideas: when Forums are useful

12/20/2016 - 09:40 AM

“… TLC companies … essential partners for co-designing and co-experimenting with innovative solutions in the various application fields of technology, and with a greater role as "network facilitators".„

From the 2016 Multistakeholder Forum

The Multistakeholder Forum was held on 18 October 2016 in Milan. Objectives: note the demands and priorities of stakeholders with respect to the important issues of our strategy, which is broken down into three areas, namely social innovation, the digital culture and environmental protection, and discuss the concrete actions that TIM can take to contribute to these topics in terms of the creation of shared value.

Here are some proposals for action that emerged from the annual meeting with a representative of our stakeholders:

1. two projects for emergencies, not just natural ones:

- one to develop predictive models to manage emergencies in advance,

- one to manage natural disasters with a sensor system widespread in inhabited areas;

2. a platform integrated with regional healthcare systems to manage and monitor the vital signs of patients in real time through wearable devices linked up to healthcare facilities;

3. Connected district: the definition of a set of standards to align the communication of data from every single household through a "houses network";

4. StaySafe Community: a community of teachers and students engaged in training and education on Internet safety;

5. a programme to optimise traffic in cities, collecting data and monitoring the situation via an IoT sensor system.

The contents of the Forum are outlined in brief in the infographic below.

On this page you can also download the introductory leaflets for the 6 working tables and the document summarising the results of the Forum.

2016 Multistakeholder Forum

Report (in Italian)

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