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Covid-19: TIM's commitment

This page contains the updated list of our initiatives to address the COVID-19 emergency affecting the country.

05/06/2020 - 09:00 AM

Today more than ever, our infrastructure and the work of our people is proving essential in keeping us together at a time when the virus is forcing us into physical separation. It’s a challenge affecting all TIM people, transforming how we work, minimising travel and ensuring observance of the highest safety standards: without stopping, to help our customers cope with this emergency, and with a particular focus on those in the greatest difficulty.        

Emergency support initiatives

Delivering devices and SIM cards to support bodies and institutions involved in the emergency

We have acted to support hospitals, prisons and charitable communities. As of 12 May, we have delivered:

  • 1600 kits (device + SIM) to prisons
  • 35 devices to young offender institutions
  • 1000 kits approx. (device + SIM) to hospitals in Lombardy, Lazio, Marche
  • 200 SIM cards to the Community of Sant’Egidio
  • More than 1,000 devices with technological aids for deaf patients to around 75 hospitals in 11 Italian regions 

Torino City Love

TIM joined the Torino City Love digital solidarity and innovation campaign, offering residents innovative digital solutions free of charge to support health, families and elderly people through the Torino City Lab platform. The services are provided thanks to the Open Innovation ecosystem of TIM Open Labs, with the support of start-ups selected by WCap (UGO & UFirst) and collaboration with Cisco. 

Freephone psychological support number for the public

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Civil Protection, we’ve provided a freephone psychological support number for the public, available on 800 833 833 every day from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Listening service for healthcare workers

In collaboration with Emergenza Sorrisi and the Italian Psychiatry Society, we’ve provided a remote listening and support service for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, through freephone number 800 042 999, active from Monday to Saturday, 3 to 7 p.m. 

Donations to the Italian Red Cross

We’ve activated the 45500 charity number for donations to the Italian Red Cross.

Smart Working

More than half of our employees (around 34,000), including many Call Centre operators, have been using Agile Work since the beginning of the emergency.

We’ve made short informational videos on how to prevent infection, how the coronavirus is transmitted, how to use PPE and so on. 

Coronavirus Emergency donation

Fondazione TIM has set aside 1,000,000 euros, part of which was raised through a charity campaign which saw participation from more than 5,000 employees. Four beneficiaries were chosen, each of which receiving a contribution of 250,000 euros. 

  • San Raffaele Hospital, Milan
  • The Healthcare Research Association (CoRiS) for the Veneto Region
  • Spallanzani Hospital, Rome
  • G. Pascale National Tumour Institute Research Hospital, Naples 

Initiatives for schools and digital skills


For the period of Italian school closure due to COVID-19, we offered them WeSchool, a digital classroom platform powered by TIM that allows teachers to take their class online very simply via smartphone, tablet or computer: for example, sharing material, setting up discussions, discussing content, managing work groups and tests, also through a virtual classroom for holding lessons with streaming video. In collaboration with WeSchool, we will also use an online help desk to provide both technical and teaching support to all teachers, students and parents who need help activating and using the Google for Education suite of tools. 

School Carries On thanks to digital: a community to support teachers and heads  

Created in response to the Ministry of Education’s call regarding the COVID-19 crisis, #LaScuolaContinua (School Carries On) is the project that we’ve joined together with Cisco, Google, IBM and WeSchool to offer joint support to communities within the school system during the emergency of school closure. Created by Ilaria Capua and promoted by the Copernicani Association with methodological support from the Centro Studi Impara Digitale, the project aims to make a contribution to continuing teaching through digital tools and avoid the risk of millions of young people losing out on school indefinitely, threatening the outcome of the academic year. ​#LaScuolaContinua is a community that means schools, heads and teachers can rely on a single aid that helps them adopt free platforms to create digital classes, share content, test learning and offer remote video lessons, all through whatever technology the school wants to adopt or has already adopted.

Teachers of Italy

Through Operazione Risorgimento Digitale, on 14 April we launched the Maestri d’Italia (Teachers of Italy) project, a great online school accessible through streaming platforms and featuring a three-module daily schedule:

  • lessons from the “Maestri d’Italia”, for in-depth information on the social and economic impact of digital
  • Master Classes to learn how to use the Net and its resources
  • Edutainment for children, to acquire digital skills through play

Initiatives for customers


  • Up to the end of the emergency, we will provide free voice traffic to fixed network consumer customers.
  • On the mobile network and on request from the customer via web/app, it will be possible to get data traffic with unlimited GB.
  • Customers with ADSL connection will be able to request a change to Fibre without additional costs.
  • The “classic” TIMVISION package will be free for all TIM fixed network customers nationally.


  • We will provide the TIM Work Smart collaboration service nationwide free of charge.
  • We will offer 100 extra GB to all private and public business customers.
  • The web-based identification service to obtain TIM ID (SPID digital identity) will operate free of charge for all business customers until 30 June.
  • We will convert phone or ADSL lines to fibre for business customers at the same price.
  • A set of Digital Store services will be provided free of charge to business customers until 30 June, including Pronto Numero Verde (freephone), Video Live Chat and TIM SMS Professional for sending SMS messages to customers.
  • We will provide G Suite TIM Edition for three months free of charge, the TIM, Google Cloud and Intesa SanPaolo solution for optimal, simple and secure smart working.

National Digitalisation initiatives

Activation of new cabinets

We have activated 5000 new cabinets in order to offer Ultra BroadBand connectivity for residents of the so-called “white” geographical areas not targeted by public tenders for broadband infrastructure.

Network infrastructure upgrade

In order to deal with the significant increase in traffic recorded since the beginning of the emergency and maintain exactly the same service quality levels, we’ve deployed a series of measures for improvement leading to a bandwidth increase of up to 37% on certain lines compared to the pre-crisis situation, to facilitate internet navigation.

We’ve established a control room dedicated to monitoring network traffic and we have made use of transportable equipment for emergency mobile coverage, as in the case of the Umberto I Hospital in Enna. 

Initiatives for Institutions


We’ve activated a digital training platform for a total of 6,500 users. 

National Confindustria

We have provided support with training for 230 smart-working employees. 

San Raffaele Hospital, Milan and Mantua Local Healthcare Partner Agency

The two facilities make use of Home Doctor, the telemedicine platform made available free of charge for the duration of the pandemic that enables remote monitoring of patients’ vital signs without requiring admission to hospital. 

Civil Protection

  • We activated the TIM Data Room for monitoring hot topics, sentiment analysis and the opinions expressed by online users. The platform enables the sending of daily reports to support Civil Protection in making its communication more effective.
  • After just 15 hours from the beginning of the emergency, we activated the Freephone Service for Civil Protection, by creating a room at TIM’s Via della Boscaiola office in Milan, with 72 workstations (now 100 approx.) operating 24 hours a day.
  • We set up other operational rooms to support Civil Protection. 

Support for the emergency services

We performed monitoring and technical activity to ensure continuity of the emergency services (e.g. Italian numbers 112, 113, 115 & 118 and numbers of social utility).

Operazione Risorgimento Digitale

TIM for coronavirus emergency