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Innovating for our customers

In the context of public sector services and businesses, in accordance with the Italian Digital Agenda (ADI) and European Directives, in 2018 TIM consolidated and streamlined its Smart Services offer (security, energy efficiency, environmental and digital services in urban areas) with the aim of promoting the Smart City model to improve the quality of life through the development of innovative digital services that move municipalities to a Smart Community model (as indicated by the Digital Agenda), to enable new forms of collaboration between citizens, businesses and public administrators.

The five Smart Services

Smart Lighting

Integrated management of the local infrastructural networks and construction of the Smart City environments.

Revenues: 23 K euros

Enabled services:

  • planning of electricity consumption and maintenance. Energy saving is estimated within a range between 15% (light produced by highefficiency lamps, e.g. LEDs) and over 30% in the case of light produced by old style lamps (e.g. sodium vapour or incandescence). Added to these values is the option of varying lighting by switching on and/or reducing the intensity of individual lamp posts;
  • video surveillance;
  • digital communication with citizens and users in general (e.g. tourists);
  • Wi-Fi hotspots (broadband access).

Smart Building

Intelligent management and automation of buildings thanks to ad hoc solutions able to be implemented on a project basis through the TIM Energreen offer. 

The energy saved can be estimated at around 10%, if only the Metering & Reporting function is implemented, but it can rise to over 50% for specific efficiency projects.

TIM Energreen

Remote management of energy consumption, implemented on TIM assets and services, for the purpose of saving energy.

Revenues: 2,080 K euros

Enabled services:

  • on-site energy audit: on-site analysis for energy efficiency;
  • Metering & Reporting;
  • Efficiency strategy (advanced reporting and Energy Management consulting services);
  • Energy Cost Management Services;
  • Special Project: ad hoc efficiency improvement work.

TIM Urban Security

Management of participated security and urban territory control.

Revenues: 270 K euros

Enabled services:

  • computerised management of the penalty issuing process for traffic and other violations for local public administration;
  • participated management of urban issues, with reporting of safety-related issues, antisocial activities and urban decay;
  • real time monitoring of the urban and natural environment of cities (humidity, temperature, noise pollution, CO2, gaseous pollutants, etc.);
  • monitoring of available public parking spaces.

Digital school

Integrated digital management of teaching and school administration.

The offer can be configured according to the requirements of the different schools and includes a range of integrated modular services with assisted and integrated management.

Enabled services:

  • enabling infrastructure (fixed internet, Wi- Fi & security connectivity);
  • digital teaching services (teaching platform, application integrated with school e-book stores, with which schools can organise activities, training courses, and individual and collaborative study);
  • catalogue of turnkey products and services (creation and/or expansion of relationships, MDM, high definition monitors, furnishings, accessories and much more).