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Focus on customers


  • consumer customers, particularly customers with special needs (the disabled, the elderly, children, etc.)
  • business customers and local government offices
  • consumer associations

The material topics concerning our customers are the following:

  •  correctness of corporate conduct
  • stakeholder engagement
  • service quality
  • safeguarding privacy and personal data protection and security
  • developing digital infrastructures with next-generation networks
  • supporting the development of digital skills in the community (in   schools, in the public administration, in businesses)
  • online protection of minors (cyber bullying, child pornography, gambling)
  • promoting and safeguarding human rights


The aim of the Group is to ensure an immediate and effective response to customer requirements, modelling their conduct on business propriety, transparency in contractual relations and undertakings, courtesy and collaboration, ensuring customer focus and in full compliance with the principles established by company policies and procedures. Cooperation with consumer associations, which includes entering into specific agreements with them, is also highly valued.

Ensuring communication during emergencies

TIM’s crisis management strategy unfolds across four stages, from preventing emergencies to reinstating normal business via crisis management planning and handling

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A few figures for 2018

99 %

LTE coverage

79.8 %

Next generation plan coverage FTTX of which 13,7% FTTH