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Telecom Italia and SONY Computer Entertainment Italia have created a partnership for on Line Gaming

PlayStation 3 lovers can enjoy increased competitiveness and reactivity in multiplayer games over the network with ADSL Internet Play

11/07/2012 - 01:15 PM

Telecom Italia and Sony Computer Entertainment Italia together for online gaming. The two companies have established a partnership that will allow PS3 enthusiasts to try Internet Play of Telecom Italia and enjoy more exciting multiplayer games.

All ADSL customers of Telecom Italia who love online gaming can activate Internet Play, the broadband Internet solution that improves online gaming performance with multiple simultaneous players, using the code included with all PlayStation 3 packages in the 500GB and 12GB versions. Internet Play in fact enhances the so called "latency" or PING parameter, reducing response time up to 40%, thus giving  a huge boost to the competitiveness and reactivity of players over the Internet.

To get two months free Internet Play service from Telecom Italy and a free month of PlayStation Plus®– the set of subscription-based services providing games and additional content for PlayStation®Network– simply use the alphanumeric code on the promotional card included in the PlayStation 3 box when you activate Internet Play on the website www.telecomitalia.it/play. The offer is valid until March 31, 2013.

Telecom Italia and Sony Computer Entertainment Italia will be present at Games Week in Milan, from November 9 to 11.

Rome, 7 November 2012



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