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Telecom Italia: Cloud, fixed and mobile ultra-broadband technologies dedicated to the exhibiting nations presented at the Expo 2015 international participants meeting

The event will be an opportunity to discover the potential of some of the main solutions provided by Telecom Italia, sole Global service Partner of Expo 2015 in the field of connectivity, cloud computing and integrated services.

10/09/2012 - 04:50 PM

At the Expo 2015 International Participants Meeting , Telecom Italia presents some of the main services it will make available to the Exhibiting Nations, based on cutting edge technologies of cloud computing and fixed and mobile ultra-broadband connectivity.

In particular, on Thursday 11, a demo of the Nuvola It Self Data Center will be given at the Partners' Village. The service will give each participating nation rapid and secure access to computational resources of the Nuvola Italiana (Italian Cloud), guaranteeing maximum flexibility and autonomy of configuration according to specific individual needs. The service is integrated in the Expo Virtual Private Cloud, the Cloud network of Nuvola Italiana that Telecom Italia designed especially for Expo. Using a web-based console, it is possible to configure the quantity and type of required resources, so that each Exhibitor can efficiently host and manage the applications necessary for the event's success.

It will also  be possible to discover the potential of the most up-to-date technologies in ultra-broadband connectivity introduced by Telecom for the development of the new 4G mobile and the NGAN optical fibre-based networks,  through a field comparison and capacity tests between LTE, FTTH, and FTTB solutions, which enable data transfers at speeds up to 100 Mbit/s and therefore the simultaneous delivery of high-definition multimedia content and services.

Ultra-broadband network infrastructure will in fact be made available within each hall for all the connectivity needs of the participants, as well as high performance network infrastructure between the hall and the country of origin of the participating exhibitor, in order to provide quick access to data and content hosted physically in remote locations.

Milan, 9 October 2012



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