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TIM presents “Trani in Art”, artist for a day

On 15 September in Trani’s Piazza della Repubblica, an interactive art event that will liberate creative fantasy.

Everyone can feel at the centre of the production and creation of a work of art.


09/13/2012 - 04:30 PM

On 15 September, Piazza della Repubblica in Trani will be transformed into a huge stage for interactive art, thanks to “Trani in Art. Artist for a day”, an event organised by TIM, in collaboration with Art for Communication.

Three creative spaces, open to the public from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., will give everyone the possibility of expressing their own art and the opportunity to interact with artists who will help them to release their creativity.

In the Inside Art area, the public will be the protagonist of a live painting created on a giant panel by two established street artists. By playing with perspective, and with the help of a camera, the spectator will become an integral part of the performance. At the end of the day, a video will be created that will be available to watch on TIM’s official Facebook page.

At the Digital Invasion station, everyone can draw freehand on iPads and share the results on social networks.

With Maker Table people will be able to interact directly with some creative artists on a large digital table.

It will be possible to customise diaries with collage techniques, and using mobile font printing; fans of prints and artwork will be able to create posters using collage and stencils; anyone will be able to design, colour and create their own personal badge in just a few steps. There will also be the opportunity to watch T-shirts being printed using silk screen techniques, and to take them home, free of charge.

All those who participate in the “Trani In Art. Artist for a day” event will have a reminder of their day. A console DJ will play famous tracks to accompany the different creative moments.

The streets of Trani will already be full of fun two days beforehand. Kids armed with paintbrushes and bright colours will move around the centre of the Apulian town, painting one another: a payful moment for everyone,  a preview of the engaging and light-hearted spirit that will characterise “Trani In Art. Artist for a day” on 15 September.

Rome, 13 September 2012



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