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Telecom Italia: start-up of the new telecommunications network for the Pelagian Islands

Important infrastructure works described today to the Mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa

08/01/2012 - 11:22 AM

The new telecommunications network created by Telecom Italia in the Pelagian Islands is now operational. The important infrastructure works, aimed at guaranteeing the supply of services also in case of interruption of the undersea cable, were described today to the Mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa, Giusi Nicolini.

The new telecommunications network via radio link created by Telecom Italia has been designed to solve the longstanding problem of damage caused by others to the optical fibre undersea cables – for example by unauthorised anchorage and the use of dragnets – in the past penalising the telecommunications system on the Pelagian islands.

This implementation guarantees the continuity of service for the fixed, mobile and ADSL network on the archipelago, thanks to automatic switching of the telecommunications network, when necessary, from the optical fibre systems to the new radio link connections.

The new infrastructure consists of telecommunication equipment with remote management, designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions, i.e. covering distance of over 150 km at sea, where electromagnetic propagation conditions are particularly critical; in case of breakdowns on the optical fibre cables, it provides for immediate restoration of connections.

It therefore ensures the continuity of the service, making the operation of the network independent from external events such as work by cable-laying vessels or weather conditions.

Over recent months, Telecom Italia has also completed the shifting of the Lampedusa underwater optical fibre cable from Cala Pisana to Cala Uccello; this will inhibit the phenomenon of cutting or damage of the cable caused by unauthorised anchorage of boats.

Agrigento, 1 August 2012



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