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Thanks to Telecom Italia's cloud services, the first project for a technological and sustainable beach can begin

Today the “Tecnospiaggia" project will open along the “Riviera Romagnola" (Emilia-Romagna’s coast). The project provides bathing establishments with innovative technological services: from remotely managed photovoltaic umbrellas to wi-fi connectivity, from charge points for electrically powered vehicles to remotely managed SOS services.

05/31/2012 - 09:00 AM

Remotely controlled photovoltaic umbrellas,wi-fi connectivity for internet connections, a video surveillance system to avoid petty thefts, remotely managed SOS lifeguard services for the safety of bathers and tourists. Moreover: interactive totems capable of sending digital photos and postcards from the beach and providing real-time useful information for tourists and the public - such as weather forecasts and air quality monitoring - panoramic webcams, charge points for electricallly powered vehicles and bikes and energy efficient lighting systems.

The first “Tecnospiaggia” will be established along the “Riviera Romagnola”, a project developed by Telecom Italia and Umpi that uses a smart platform from the “Nuvola Italiana” (Italian cloud) to provide bathing establishments with innovative technological services capable of making beaches more safe, efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The first “Tecnospiaggia” will be inaugurated today in Bellaria - Igea Marina (RN) by the council and Enzo Ceccarelli,the city’s mayor. Roberto Piva, the region’s councillor will also be present at the opening.

The project brings conveyed waves PLC (PowerLine Communication) technology - developed by Umpi - and Telecom Italia’s “Nuvola Italiana” services together. It provides solutions to those managing beach establishments and to public administrations allowing them to provide, manage and control services remotely, without investing in ICT infrastructure, and therefore optimising costs and services provided.

The “Tecnospiaggia” project sets itself the objective of giving a new impulse to tourism, a strategic sector for the growth of the nation’s economy, by investing in technological innovation “Made in Italy” and security. The initiative is aimed towards the 12.000 beach establishments in Italy therefore targeting a market with a potential value of 650 million euros with technologies and innovative services capable of placing the nation at the forefront of technological development.

Luca Cecchini - president of Umpi - explains how the “Tecnospiaggia” project represents a unique opportunity to promote our coastlines as it can boost their attractiveness through innovation and services, a model creating new resources for the local and national economies. With such a scheme it will also be easier to attract foreign tourists to our coasts as they are generally more orientated towards multimedia and interactive services than Italian tourists. 

Stefano Nocentini - responsible for Telecom Italia’s Marketing Top Clients and Public Sector departments - believes that this initiative confirms the role and importance played by ICT in innovation and in the nation’s economic development. He goes on to say that this is an Italian project that brings creativity and technological excellence together and its value lies in the fact that it brings the latest technologies and solutions to small realities, benefiting tourists, citizens, business and public institutions.

“Tecnospiaggia” increases the number of solutions for a “smart nation” developed by Telecom Italia on the “Nuvola Italiana”.

Bellaria – Igea Marina, 31st May 2012


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