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Telecom Italia: Biblet store changes its name and is now called Cubolibri, 23 thousand ebook titles are available in the catalogue

After films, TV and music, e-books are now part of the “cubo” family which is dedicated to making digital contents more widespread.

05/11/2012 - 04:50 PM

A new name and an enriched variety of contents. Biblet, Telecom Italia’s online store dedicated to the digital publishing trade, changes its name and is now called “Cubolibri®” (www.cubolibri.it).

With this initiative Telecom Italia distributes its digital content through a unique platform providing it through dedicated channels according to the type of content: “cubovision”, “cubomusica” and from today “cubolibri”. The re-branding process has been conceived of in order to simplify and make the portal’s content more easily recognizable to its users. Through its technological infrastructure, Telecom Italia continues to aid the process of making culture, digital entertainment and music more widespread.

On “cubolibri”, readers will find a comprehensive and constantly updated catalogue boasting around 23 thousand e-book titles in Italian by major authors, both Italian and foreign and distributed by the most important editorial publishers such as: Mondadori, GEMS, RCS, Baldini Castoldi Dalai Editore,  Newton Compton, Zanichelli, De Agostini. The e-books can be bought using a PC, tablet or smart-phone but can also be bought using Biblet, Telecom Italia’s e-book reader. “Cubolibri” also offers a monthly magazine called “Pre-testi” for enthusiasts with articles and surveys by journalists and authors. The contents of the magazine can also be viewed on Facebook on the new social reader “cubolibri cafè”.

Rome, 11th May 2012


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