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Telecom Italia, with TIM Brasil, to support the Brasilian government's plan for the education of young people

Telecom Italia group will take part in the Brazilian federal government's educational program “Scienza senza frontiere” (Science without borders). It will do so by providing funding towards bursaries for the education of Brazilian students and researchers studying in Italy.

03/12/2012 - 04:45 PM

Franco Bernabè has made Telecom Italia's collaboration with the Brazilian government's program “Scienza senza frontiere” official. The initiative, supported by president Dilma Rousseff, aims to provide bursaries to Brazilian students and researchers intending to specialize their studies abroad in  Universities and centres of excellence dedicated to innovation. 

The project is mainly aimed towards Engineering and Computer science students. Telecom Italia group will provide its own research centres located in : Rome, Turin, Trento and Venice and will commit towards 400 six-month internships. 160 of these will be entirely paid for by TIM Brasil, which will also manage the planning of the activities throughout the 4 years of the program.

Telecom Italia's initiative has been presented to the Brazilian Ministers Aloizio Mercadante (Education) and Marco Antonio Raupp,(Science, Technology and Innovation) in support and recognition of the Brazilian government's investments and efforts towards  the didactic and technical education of its youth.  Telecom Italia's commitment to the project confirms its leading role in international sharing of knowledge and strengthens the synergies between Brazil and Italy.

Franco Bernabè and Luca Luciani underline the importance of developing the potentials of young talents by constructing a tight relationship between educational growth and business. Moreover they consider the recognition from the Brazilian government as an important stimulus for the group to take part in the country's economy.  

The development of the potentialities of young talent.

Brasilia, 12th March 2012



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