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“The surprising history of Italy” related by Nicola Savino in the new Telecom Italia’s tv format

An exclusive preview of the advert will be given on January 13 and 14 after TGLA7, then from January 15 it will be shown on all major TV channels

01/12/2012 - 12:30 PM

With  a preview at the end of TGLA7, new Telecom Italia’s TV spots inspired  to the new format “The surprising history of Italy” will be on air starting from January 13, to explain that there is one history that all Italians know and another unknown funny history that Telecom Italia is able to reveal thanks to the Internet.

After the successful communications campaign featured by Michelle Hunziker, the baton passes to Nicola Savino, a known radio voice and TV face who, as a modern web browser, will relate curious episodes of our Country’s history searching for and downloading testimonies from the web by means of Telecom Italia’s Super-internet.

In the first episode, Nicola Savino will research on the origin of Venice and find out that the Internet proposes quite a  surprising story to explain the formation of the  famous lagoon city’s striking channels.

Soundtrack of the new format is “Love goes down slow” by Raphael Gualazzi.

Adverts directed by Marco de Aguilar, scenic design by Laura Pozzaglio and photography by Massimiliano Gatti. Santo Agency, creative directors Sebastian Wilhelm, Maximiliano Anselmo and Pablo Minces, copywriter Juan Pablo Carrizo, art directors Patricio Elfi and Micol Talso. Production by The Family.

Santo Agency also  took care of the radio spots.
The new format will be accompanied by a press release realized by Euro Rscg Milano that also cared for the web creativity.

Rome, January 12, 2012


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