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Telecom Italia launches tim cloud, the “personal cloud” for mobile links for music, photos and videos

TIM Cloud is the new cloud storage service dedicated to the consumer market, providing TIM clients with free of charge use of 1GB of memory on the Nuvola Italiana (Italian Cloud) platform to save and share digital files

12/23/2011 - 01:30 PM

Telecom Italia has launched TIM Cloud and opened the Nuvola Italiana (Italian Cloud) platform to the consumer market. Thanks to this innovative service, TIM clients can now utilise free of charge up to 1 GB of memory space to save photos, musical playlists and videos, with the advantage of always having them available on a variety of devices (PC and Smartphone ) and mobile sharing with their friends, also on the social networks. Thanks to Cloud computing on the Italian Cloud platform, digital contents will be hosted and made available, with high security standards, in the Telecom Italia Data Centers.
In order to activate TIM Cloud, you must first download the application on their Smartphone – Android or Symbian – from Android Market, TIM Appstore, Samsung Apps and OVI Store. After downloading the application and completing registration, TIM Cloud will enable customers to have their own “personal cloud” (1GB) to save multimedia contents, which may be organised in files, albums and playlists.
Once the application is installed on your Smartphone, TIM Cloud interacts with the address book, indicating the contacts who already use the service. Other friends can be invited to download the application, in order to create an actual personal contact network. When any of the contacts uploads new contents onto their space, TIM Cloud sends a message to inform other network members.
This provides TIM customers with constant streaming mode availability so that they can listen to their favourite music and view the photos and videos on the cloud, saved directly or by friends. TIM Cloud can also be used to publish contents directly on Facebook and Twitter.

The TIM Cloud is activated free of charge. Mobile data traffic for downloading or mobile sharing of contents for viewing your own contents and those of friends in the streaming mode will be charged according to the data offer applicable to your line, and if there is none, according to the basic mobile data rates.

Rome, December 23, 2011


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