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Telecom Italia: Bernabè and Patuano meet the consumer associations

Patuano: For us it is fundamental to listen to the Associations, in order to improve customer satisfaction

12/12/2011 - 06:45 PM

Telecom Italia is continuing the process of dialogue with the consumer associations. Today, the Chairman, Franco Bernabè and the CEO, Marco Patuano, met the representatives of the Associations to provide an updated view of what the company has done in recent months to further improve the quality of service provided to customers.

“The Consumer Associations–Patuano said – are an important interlocutor, since they can grasp aspects of our service that can be missed by even the most exhaustive surveys on the satisfaction of our customers. It is therefore essential to listen to them carefully if we want to keep on providing an increasingly improving service, meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers.”

The Telecom Italia CEO explained the results achieved in terms of customer care, with significant improvements in the time required to repair breakdowns and for service start-up, as well as the consolidated effectiveness of reconciliation procedures implemented to solve disputes with customers.

Patuano likewise stressed the major efforts made by the company for customer management systems to increase the quality standard of the service: for example, the number 119, dedicated to mobile telephony, recorded approximately 80 million contacts between January and October 2011, with a percentage of problem solving at the time of the first contact of about 88%.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the operation of reconciliation on a peer basis, in which the Consumer Associations have a key role in resolving disputes, and there is a new, positive result: over 100,000 applications have been handled with a success rate of 92%, representing a best practice on the European level. The Telecom Italia CEO recalled that the European Parliament, in its recent report on alternative methods for resolving disputes, has cited the Italian procedure as an example of the best application. In this regard, the Company, well aware of the management and economic difficulties of the Consumer Associations, hopes that the public fund for reconciliation activities will be restored.

With regard to investments, Telecom Italia stressed their strong commitment to the development of infrastructures with investments which in previous years have already led to improvements both in the performance of the existing network, and the continuation of the programme to extend broadband coverage to the whole country.

Rome, 12 December 2011



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