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Telecom Italia: Biblet Store already hosts over 7,000 e-books from 143 publishers

The biblet.it is the biggest digital publisher and it has just enriched its selection


03/03/2011 - 02:24 PM

Telecom Italia’s online book store, Biblet Store, is already the largest Italian e-book provider and keeps on growing. Biblet was launched last October during the Frankfurt International Book Saloon and offers over 7,000 e-books from 143 different publishers, including Mondadori, RCS, De Agostini, Bruno Editore, Zanichelli, Baldini Castoldi and Newton Compton. 

These are the figures which were presented at the first edition of the Italian e-book Lab, the numbers which makes Biblet Store’s selection the richest in . Great results, coming just five months after the platform was set up, which confirm the validity of the strategy adopted by Telecom Italia in their bid to become a player in the digital publishing industry, bringing new momentum to the market.

To make things easier for online-shoppers when they are browsing the catalogue and choosing their own e-book Telecom Italia has created “Biblet” a new TIM e-reader which allows TIM clients to surf biblet.it for free and pay for their e-books with their SIM card credit.

Biblet Store’s e-books can be read on any normal PC as well as on Olivetti’s Olipad, the first Italian tablet PC which will soon be available on the market and has the “Biblet App” pre-installed for easy access and browsing in the virtual shop. For all other system which us the Android operating system the application needed to download e-books form biblet.it is already available from Android Market.

Rome, 3 March 2011


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