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TLC: Galateri, NGN requires flexible rules diversified at a geographical level

06/30/2010 - 03:00 PM

On the margins of the European Tlc meeting, the  Chairman of Telecom Italia Gabriele Galateri di Genola affirmed: “Telecom Italia is firmly committed to the central role of the Digital Agenda and its potential in  promoting competitive and effective investments in ultrabroadband networks, a crucial factor in terms of innovation, choice offered to consumers with regard to price and quality, and greater productivity. Access to an ever faster Internet requires far-sighted policy decisions aimed at boosting long-term investments. This objective can be reached by defining a new regulatory framework which does not simply replicate the rules established to open the market to competition on traditional copper-based networks. New fiber optic networks require flexible rules aimed at ensuring an approach which takes into account the diversity of market conditions at a geographical level and safeguards an economically effective infrastructural competition, in order to reach a truly competitive and sustainable playground in the provision of services to end customers”.

Madrid, 30 June 2010


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