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BlackBerry® Storm2™ comes to town with TIM

From today 8 major Italian cities are hosting “Over the Top”, the intensive street marketing initiative by TIM and BlackBerry®

03/10/2010 - 12:26 PM


Milan, 10 March 2010 - the BlackBerry® Storm2™, the second generation of the innovative touch-screen smartphone by Research In Motion, is coming to 8 major Italian cities. There will be 7 street marketing initiatives by BlackBerry and TIM. These will include a gigantic and fun BlackBerry Box launching messages into the sky, with 20,000 soap bubbles with the brand, a newspaper updated on all the innovations in the product, 100,000 Zcards, a new website and, to conclude, a competition with prizes and the creation of the “Over The Top” Facebook group.

Starting from today, Bologna, and then Padua (11 March), Milan (12 March), Rome (17 March), Naples (18 March), Palermo (19 March), Genoa (24 March) and Turin (25 March) will host for one day the BlackBerry Boxes, special machines using a particular mechanism to create and launch into the sky the words “TIM” and the shape of the BlackBerry® Storm2™. Three attractive sides of the totem will show all of the technology and new multimedia functions of the BlackBerry® Storm2™; the fourth side of the totem will show all the information regarding the new TIMxSMARTPHONE offer, that with just 2.00€ a week allows users to surf the web, send e-mails and meet with friends on the social networks.

During the day, 4 hostesses at the street marketing initiatives will show passersby the BlackBerry® Storm2™ and give them a free package of soap bubbles with the brand name. A copy of the newspaper “INCREDIBLE NEWS” will also be distributed. An entertaining edition that creates interest and gives all the information on the product and its innovative performance, as well as the exclusive TIMxSMARTPHONE tariff, the indications for access to the website www.bboverthetop.com, to participate in the competition and to become part of the Facebook community.

And this is not all. The hostesses will also distribute the special Zcards, to discover the new increased opportunities, and demonstrate in a creative and spectacular way the functions of the new BlackBerry® Storm2™. Those who do not have a Zcard can just print out the icon from the website www.bboverthetop.com and take a virtual trip through the product.

The surprises do not end here. Those who buy the new BlackBerry® Storm2™ will be able to participate in the fantastic competition “Vinci un viaggio al giorno” (“Win a trip every day”) for a European capital. The trip will consist in a voucher worth 500.00€ that can be spent on the web portal www.opodo.com.

Those who want to test their luck further can sign up with the “Over the Top” group on Facebook. At the final draw, the winner will get to use the famous Flogos machine for 4 hours: he or she will be able to position it in any direction and launch the winning message into the sky.

The BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphone utilises latest generation SurePress technology and has a complete virtual QWERTY keyboard designed to enter letters horizontally or vertically. The BlackBerry® Storm2™ is the ideal instrument to be immediately in contact with the people, places and most important things in life in a simple and dynamic way. The advanced functions and the refined design make the BlackBerry® Storm2™ a very exclusive and high performance product.


Milan, 10 March  2010