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Telemonitoring and cardiological assistance begins

Thanks to the use of innovative diagnostic tools, it will be possible to perform complete cardiological examinations and to obtain a qualified specialized medical report on-site and in real time


02/07/2009 - 12:00 AM

The Cinque Terre National Park and Telecom Italia have signed an agreement to implement a remote cardiological monitoring and assistance service. The initiative, presented on Saturday, February 7 at Castello di Riomaggiore, will enable complete cardiological examinations to be performed on the entire Park territory and to obtain a specialized medical report on-site and in real time, with the support of the cardiology staff of the Istituto Scientifico Universitario San  Raffaele of Milan.

The basic medical staff present in the Park will be equipped with innovative electrocardiograph equipment and two Holter units – used for monitoring and recording heartbeat and blood pressure continuously over a 24-hour time span – that will make it possible to request the opinion of a specialist at any time. Thanks to the technologically advanced platform and to the secure data transmission provided by Telecom Italia, the equipment’s readings may in fact be automatically sent to a service center, operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, supported by the cardiologists of the Istituto Scientifico Universitario San Raffaele of Milan. The patient may thus immediately obtain a qualified specialized medical report without having to go to a medical center that is distant from his home or holiday location.

“Living in the Cinque Terre is synonymous with a high quality of life”, stressed Franco Bonanini, president of the Cinque Terre National Park. “Today, thanks to technological innovation, one no longer needs to do without the services that are available in large cities, especially in terms of healthcare, resulting in greater safety and serenity for the Park’s residents and visitors. Technology is thus an instrument that can strengthen social and affective relationships.”  

The Region of Liguria too, represented by its President Claudio Burlando, expressed its enthusiasm at the project, emphasizing its great social and healthcare value.

The service’s presentation was also attended by numerous representatives of law enforcement and the local volunteer-based social services that operate every day throuhgout the territory.

Riomaggiore, February 7 2009