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Telecom Italia and Unioncamere sign agreement to promote digital awareness among Italian businesses

The understanding will drive the expansion of broadband and ultra fast infrastructure across the country and stimulate the use of ICT services by small firms and industrial districts

10/04/2012 - 12:30 PM

Telecom Italia and Unioncamere have signed a memorandum of understanding intended to maximise the use of broadband and ultrabroadband network infrastructure by Italian firms throughout the country. The agreement was signed by the Chairman of Unioncamere, Ferruccio Dardanello and Telecom Italia COO, Marco Patuano.

The three-year accord aims to promote a digital innovation culture among micro and small businesses and in industrial districts, through a national program of education on new technologies and the efficient use of the ICT services made available by broadband with a view to raising  the competitiveness of Italian business and industry, in accordance with the goals of the European Digital Agenda.

With this initiative Telecom Italia and Unioncamere undertake to pursue an ongoing dialogue to identify the best ways, wherever the conditions are favourable, to support and set in motion development projects to encourage investment in broadband networks, with particular focus on industrial districts and areas, including through forms of public-private cooperation.

A joint steering and coordination committee will be appointed by Unioncamere and Telecom Italia to enable the parties to discuss concerted action, plan activities and monitor their progress.   

"The new technologies have become indispensable for the competitiveness of Italian business," stated Unioncamere Chairman, Ferruccio Dardanello.  "With this agreement we want to draw the attention of firms that still have little familiarity with ICT services to the opportunities they offer today, and also give fresh impetus to investment in bridging the digital divide that still hampers the local economy in many areas of the country."

"The expansion of broadband and ultrabroadband infrastructure and above all the diffusion of the services it delivers, will give a decisive boost to the economic growth of small firms and industrial districts," said Marco Patuano, COO Telecom Italia. "A region's competitiveness is increasingly linked to its level of online activity and its ability to exploit new applications. We are convinced that this important initiative, backed by the firm commitment of local institutions, can help us achieve the goals of the European Digital Agenda."

Rome, 4 October 2012



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