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Banca Sella Group – Telecom Italia: Announcing the launch of a groundbreaking digital signature service that makes it easier for customers to sign up remotely to products and services

Banca Sella Group – Telecom Italia: Announcing the launch of a groundbreaking digital signature service that makes it easier for customers to sign up remotely to products and services

05/25/2011 - 02:20 PM

From today, customers can save time and in full security sign up to bank products and services without having to go into a bank branch, and without having to print out and send in signed agreements. All of this is now possible via the internet, simply by using a digital signature.

The Banca Sella Group is launching its new SellaDigit service, designed and implemented by Telecom Italia in partnership with the banking group. The service uses a groundbreaking digital signature that customers can use to sign bank product and service agreements from their home computer, smartphone or tablet, whenever they like, without having to go into their bank branch.

The new digital signature solution not only saves time during the signature phase of the process, it also speeds up the bank’s “response time”: agreements signed by customers using this method are received by the bank immediately, allowing the bank to process applications even quicker than before.

The procedure is very simple. Bank customers choose a product or service on the web site or directly receive documents requiring signature from the bank via home banking. When it’s time to sign the agreement, rather than going to the bank branch or printing out documents and mailing them in, as was necessary until now, customers simply enter their PIN number – obtained from the bank when applying for their digital signature – plus the single-transaction code displayed on the security device the customer already uses, just as they do when they access internet banking services.

All it takes is a few clicks and the signed documents are received by the bank in real-time. Customers are no longer restricted by bank opening times, no longer have to wait in line, and no longer have to mail in signed sheets of paper. Before applying their signature, customers may seek further information and clarifications on a given product or agreement from the bank via its call centre or the video chat system on the web site.

SellaDigit’s main new feature is that it can be used to sign up to a wide range of products and services, from a number of current accounts offered by the Banca Sella Group to all of its payment cards (ATMs, credit cards and prepaid credit cards), and investment products such as asset management. Over the next few months, the service will gradually be extended to include documents not strictly associated with applying for products and services, such as privacy forms, change of address notification and the anti money-laundering questionnaire.

Customers may request the SellaDigit digital signature via Internet Banking, from all Banca Sella Group branches, or through Banca Patrimoni Sella & C promotors. Customers may specify whether they want their digital signature to apply exclusively to the signature of bank documents, or to the signature of all other documents too.


Biella, 25 May 2011


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