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Municipality of Rome – Telecom Italia: Trials begin of a new security system for the streets of Rome

“Wireless Patrol” is a Telecom Italia-developed ICT solution that is being deployed on an experimental basis by the Municipality of Rome to assist the Municipal Police in monitoring city security, preventing urban decay, and helping to ensure that people observe the Highway Code in order to improve traffic conditions

04/20/2011 - 02:20 PM

The Municipality of Rome and Telecom Italia today announced the start-up of trials regarding a groundbreaking technology-based system designed to enhance security on the streets of Italy’s capital.

The trial is being rolled out in Rome over the next few days. Leveraging the brand new “Wireless Patrol” ICT solution developed by Telecom Italia, it is being deployed on a trial basis to help the Municipal Police monitor city security, prevent urban decay, and help ensure observance of the Highway Code.

The Telecom Italia system uses a suite of advanced ICT applications to optimize police street and back-office operations.

The “Wireless Patrol” service provides important management and monitoring functions via dedicated palmtops and tablets, including:

  • e–Reporting to monitor local areas and public security using geo-referenced multimedia factsheets that combine data, text and images, which are dispatched in real time to the Operations Centre;
  • e-Violation for Highway Code penalty procedure management in the field, including guided notification/report compilation;
  • e–Videopolice to monitor traffic and undertake video surveillance of protected and at-risk sites;
  • e–Message to send and receive messages and communications between the Operations Centre and patrols, and help enhance levels of physical safety for policemen and women;
  • Street Control to gather and optimize all law and public order-related reports. This solution transforms Municipal Police vehicles into veritable mobile offices by opening up direct lines of communication with the relevant offices.

Initially, the venture is being rolled out to ten patrols in Rome: five in vehicles, and five on foot.

The new technology platform will help foster a reorganization of Municipal Police operational procedures, enhancing their efficiency and optimizing their economic impact through the adoption of a paperless approach and a reduction in paper-based documentation.

Rome, 20 April 2011


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