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Telecom Italia sole partner of “Libri Come - Festa del Libro e della Letteratura”

The second edition of the literary event, on in Rome between 1 and 10 April 2011 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, offers an opportunity to get acquainted with Telecom Italia’s ebook Biblet Store platform, TIM’s biblet ereader and Olivetti’s brand-new OliPad

03/09/2011 - 02:00 PM

As part of its partnership with the Fondazione Musica per Roma, Telecom Italia is the sole partner of the second “Libri come - Festa del libro e della lettura”, which runs at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome between 1 and 10 April 2011.

The event offers an opportunity to promote awareness of digital publishing and a chance to find out more about the new media and technologies that are driving expansion of this market. Telecom Italia’s 250 m² biblet Café offers visitors a chance to find out all about the world of ebooks through the Telecom Italia Biblet Store (http://www.biblet.it/), Italy’s first digital platform dedicated to the distribution of digital books and reading devices.

Supplying more than 7000 books from 143 publishers, biblet.it is one of ’s best-stocked electronic bookstores and a success for Telecom Italia as it offers publishers a special, secure and legal channel for sales. Biblet.it makes it easy to browse, choose, purchase, download and enjoy electronic culture-based products via the latest generation of ereaders.

To make it even easier to browse the catalogue and choose ebooks, visitors to “Libri come - Festa del libro e della lettura” can try out biblet, TIM’s new ereader that can be used to browse biblet.it free of charge and pay for ebooks using the remaining credit on the SIM card. Also on show is Olivetti’s ’s first tablet, which includes a ‘Biblet App’ for easy and direct access to the virtual bookstore.

Carlo Fornaro, Telecom Italia’s External Relations Manager, says: “We are very happy with this partnership, which strengthens the link between the worlds of technology and culture. This project dedicated to electronic publishing - one of the main themes of the ‘Libri come’ event - is an efficient driver for facilitating access to knowledge and culture through new tools. It is also a major initiative that places Telecom Italia at the heart of this market, working side by side with publishers.”

During the festival, a number of events will be held at the Biblet Café for school-age visitors. Organized in partnership with the Telecom Italia Lab of Turin, these events demo the latest technologies and their potential uses as new ways of leveraging digital content in schools in the future.

Rome, 9 March 2011


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