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Cubovision: Telecom Italia's new interactive TV at CES in Las Vegas

At the “Consumer Electronics Show”, Telecom Italia presents a new broadband device that distributes digital content directly to home TV sets, powered by Intel® technology

01/05/2011 - 06:25 PM

Telecom Italia is at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with Cubovision®, a new device that transforms a home TV into an authentic online multimedia centre, offering personalized, interactive access to “made-to-measure” TV content, unrestricted by TV schedules.

Telecom Italia’s desire to present Cubovision® as a ground-breaking international consumer electronics product is a major acknowledgement of the company’s ability to innovate and of its dedication to high-tech markets.

Paolo D’Andrea, Head of Telecom Italia Broadband Content, says: “Cubovision is the achievement of an ambitious goal: making our customers’ TV experience more involving and more personal. Through broadband connectivity our platform now offers a new way of enjoying digital content, and will soon offer access to leading internet services via TV”.

Christian Morales, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel product sales and marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa, says: “For a long time, Intel has worked with major industry players like Telecom Italia contributing to the development of ‘smart TV’. Powered by the Intel® AtomTM processor CE4100 series, the device we are working to enable allows more viewer interaction with the small screen by seamlessly integrating Internet functionalities and content, personal information, programming from a variety of digital channels on, and a potentially infinite number of specific applications, all conveniently available from a single TV screen.

Cubovision® takes home entertainment to the next level. As well as offering a new and accessible way of watching TV, it supplies Telecom Italia’s ADSL customers with access to an attractive bouquet of content, including HD and 3D.

Telecom Italia’s latest product delivers internet content and the best of WebTV right onto TV screens. Cubovision® also works as a digital terrestrial decoder: viewers get free digital terrestrial programming, as well as on demand content and Premium bundles.

Telecom Italia’s Cubovision® is the first interactive TV system based on the Intel® Atom™ processor CE4150, a System on a Chip (SoC) designed to support Internet content and services to digital TVs, DVD players and advanced set-top boxes. Cubovision® makes use of MeeGo*, the open source Linux-based platform created by merging the Moblin and Maemo projects, supported by Intel and Nokia respectively.   
The new system creates an open ecosystem in which services and applications can be freely created, thanks to the direct involvement of the developer community.

Las Vegas, 5 January 2011


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