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Telecom Italia targets the IT market with its launch of the “Italian Cloud”

Telecom Italia rolls out the advanced Cloud Computing platform that allows enterprises and government bodies to virtualize IT infrastructure and applications. The platform service model enhances competitiveness by improving costs, innovation and sustainability

Bernabè: “Telecom Italia’s latest innovation first is in systems convergence, which is more and more strategically important to enterprises and economic growth”

Eight new-generation Data Centers across the country, a National Technical Assistance Center, Control Rooms, a Security Operations Centre as well as assistance and consulting make Telecom Italia the nation’s leading player in the sector with a full range offerings across the TLC and IT industries

09/20/2010 - 01:00 PM

Telecom Italia rolls out the new Cloud Computing platform. The new platform leverages full technological convergence between telecommunications and IT to enable major enterprises and government entities to utilize infrastructure and services on demand and on a pay-per-use basis. The platform optimizes costs and performance by offering access to constantly-updated solutions without any need for investment in dedicated IT resources or specialist know-how.

Telecom Italia’s venture to create the “Italian Cloud” is targeted at the cloud-sourced IT Managed services market. The value of this market is forecast to reach around €300 million in 2012, as average annual growth runs at around 20% between 2009 and 2012.

Franco Bernabè, Telecom Italia CEO, commented: “Rollout of the Cloud Computing platform marks another Telecom Italia innovation first, this time in systems convergence, which is more and more strategically important to enterprises and, in consequence, to national economic growth. Companies can shift their applications and infrastructure to the web, access IT on an operational needs basis, and avoid having to make costly investments. Telecom Italia is leveraging infrastructure assets that make it Italy’s go-to Italian player in this industry, and is gearing up to intercept the majority of the value in the current information technology offering chain.”

Rollout of the new Cloud Computing platform is part of Telecom Italia’s ICT industry strategy of adding leading-edge “as a service” technology services to its connectivity offerings. The new platform leverages the Telecom Italia Group’s multiple fields of technological excellence, and features eight new-generation Data Center across the nation, a National Technical Assistance Center, Control Rooms for central infrastructure administration, the Security Operation Center to ensure network security, an assistance and consulting service, and a consolidated partnership with the world’s largest IT industry players.

These infrastructure assets make Telecom Italia the nation’s leading player in the sector. The company’s full range of offerings across the telecommunications and IT industries adopts leading-edge technologies and makes it possible for the company to realize significant economies of scale, which it passes on fully to its customers.

Telecom Italia’s new Cloud Computing services allow enterprise and government entities to significantly bring down total costs of ownership for their IT infrastructure, including costs associated with power consumption, making possible to reduce pollution and help foster environmental sustainability. Companies are able to focus their resources on their core business, secure in the knowledge that they will always have scalable, flexible access to the latest technologies on a pay-per-use basis.

The new offering for large- and medium-sized companies and government entities is a full portfolio of services spanning Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), and “Software as a Service” (SAAS), the latter of which is provided in partnership with Telecom Italia’s IT industry partners.

IAAS and PAAS solutions will be available for Storage, Virtual Desktops, and Collaboration Solutions, in addition to Advanced Hosting, a service that has already been available for the use of remote distributed hardware resources and HD Video Communications over different devices and between different companies.  SAAS solutions will span Infomobility, Document Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for companies along with a range of services targeted specifically at government entities including Energy Management, Smart Services for local administration, schools computerization, and social inclusion in hospitals.

All the informations about the offering and on the Enterprise and Government entities sales network, will be available in the dedicated site at www.nuvolaitaliana.it

The launch of the new range is being supported by an advertising campaign conceived by the D’Adda Lorenzini Vigorelli - BBDO agency, which will run in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

This latest Telecom Italia initiative is further confirmation of the company’s commitment to developing ground-breaking ICT services and solutions conceived to increase enterprise and government competitiveness, benefit the Italian economy as a whole, and promote sustainability.

Milan, 20 September 2010


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