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Telecom Italia and Wind: interoperability trail concluded on new generation multimedia services

02/16/2010 - 01:17 PM

Today in Barcelona, in occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2010, Telecom Italia and WIND announced that they have successfully concluded the technical trial of new mobile multimedia services known within the GSM Association as Rich Communication Suite (RCS). The trial was performed within the framework of a program aiming to lead the development and market adoption of standard solutions for advanced communication services.

Such services allow mobility and interactivity, as they provide a smart and integrated system to manage contacts and applications. It will be thus possible to share videos and images during a voice conversation and expand traditional messaging services to chat and file transmission.  RCS services can be considered as real innovative services as they are typically based on functionalities capable of integrating users’ information about presence status and communication capacity, allowing the sharing of digital content and access to messaging and social networks.

For each contact in the RCS phonebook, the user will be able to know usual information, including phone number and email address, and also if the contact is on line and available to receive files. During the voice conversation, it will be also possible to share with the contact what is being shown on the handset display or to access the own profile in any social network.  

The trial, based on the interconnection between Telecom Italia and Wind, was developed testing RCS 1.0 functionalities in order to validate the maturity and robustness of the RCS solution across different operators’ networks.

The outcome of the trial was positive. RCS services, based on IP Multimedia Subsystem technology, was tested using NSN platforms for Wind, and Ericsson platforms for Telecom Italia. RCS services have a proven high quality and security standard.  


About RCS:
The GSMA Rich Communication Suite (RCS) program was created in May 2007 by the initiative of a group of industry players, with the aim of guiding the development, evolution and adoption of a set of standard solutions for enhanced communications services. Today RCS can count on more than 90 supporters among telco operators and vendors of technological solutions.RCS however, does not intend to create new telco standards but to introduce a set of features on the market that can be easily implemented using and adapting standards already existing and already validated by other foras such as e.g. 3GPP, ETSI, OMA.


Barcelona, 16 February 2010