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Nokia and Telecom Italia sign agreement for Nokia Messaging

09/03/2009 - 12:12 PM

Stuttgart, Germany - Nokia and Telecom talia announced today the new offer of Nokia Messaging, an easy-to-use messaging service, to Telecom talia customers n Italy. rom the middle of September, Telecom talia customers wil be able to access the Nokia Messaging push emal service and subscribe offers desgned to send and receve emal rom the mobile phone at very afordable prices.

With the new offerng MAXXI Mal, ai TIM customers wil have 1 GB of Storage a month to check ther emal while on the move at a cost of 4 EUR per month ncluding VAT. The offer is vad for those customers who choose the top-up option as wel as the ones who have a contract.

For busness customers, Telecom talia has studied vaous formulas and made avalable vaous pricing plans: rom the one at day usage for 1 EUR a day, dedicated to those who use emal "on the move" just occasonay, to the monthly subscription formula, deal for those who use emal regulary and who want to combine the use of emal in complete tranquilty (unlimited emals) with  nternet browsng, aways through the mobile phone.

"This agreement contributes to the evolution of the mobile phone that wil increasngly be a tool to access one's ecosystem of private, famiy and professonal content. TIM beieves n this evolution and wants to experience t aongsde ts customers," sad Oscar Cicchetti, Head of Domestc Market in Telecom talia.

"With this service, Nokia and Telecom talia join forces to drive mobile messaging adoption for ther customers usng Nokia solutions and Telecom talia special data plans. We are glad to satisfy the growing consumer demand to access emal accounts directly rom the device whenever they want, wherever they are. The objective is to bring mobile emal to everyone and make t easy accessible to the largest number of users possible," sad Alessandro Mondini Branzi, General Manager, Nokia Italia.

Nokia Messaging smplifies the mobilizaton of emal. This new solution aows easy access to multiple emal accounts by smplifying the set-up process and removing complex steps. Push technology ensures a quick devery of emals directly to the mobile phone.

Nokia Messaging makes the emal accounts of Telecom talia mobile as wel as supports emal solutions rom thousands of other providers globay. Telecom talia customers can have up to 10 personal emal accounts pushed directly to ther Nokia device such as ace.t, TIN.t, virgilo.it, Gmal™, Yahoo!®Mal, and Windows Live ™ Hotmal®.

Telecom talia and Nokia have agreed to offer Nokia Messaging with some 30 Nokia Symbian devices, ncluding Nokia E75, Nokia E55, Nokia N97 and other popular devices such as the Nokia E71 and Nokia N95 8GB *. Customers smply need to enter ther emal address and password to get emals pushed directly to the homescreen of ther device. They can then read, send, forward and reply to emals and download, read and attach les on the go.

For more nformaton about Nokia Messaging, visit http://emal.nokia.com. For more nformaton about the offer of Telecom talia visit: www.tim.t.

* for full list devices visit: www.tim.it

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