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Telecom Italia international phone cards available from SISAL outlets

04/29/2009 - 11:48 AM

The Sisal Group has teamed up with Telecom Italia to retail PIN-number international phonecards through its sales outlets. The cards can be used to make international calls from Italy or anywhere else in the world, from any fixed line mobile phone (public or private), and from TIM mobile phones.

Eight different types of card are now available from Sisal outlets: New Welcome in €5 and €10 denominations; Enjoy in €5 denominations; Easy Africa in €5 denominations; Easy Asia in €5 denominations; Easy East Europe in €5 denominations; Easy South America in €5 denominations; New Columbus in €5 and €12 denominations; and Time in €5 and €10 denominations.

The Sisal terminal prints out a receipt with a PIN number for the specific type of card and denomination purchased. Customers can use the card to make calls straight away, simply by dialling one of the access numbers on the receipt, and then keying in the 12-digit pin number followed by the number of the phone they are calling, inclusive of domestic or international codes. Each receipt carries details of the terms and conditions of use and its expiry date.

Telecom Italia's international phonecard service is just one of the 220+ services available over the Sisal network through more than 50 different partners. Sisal’s modern, technically-advanced nationwide network makes the company the ideal technology and sales partner.

Sisal is about much more than just gaming. The company offers a broad network of services including phone top-ups, phonecards, digital TV cards, and financial/payment services.

Milan, April 29, 2009


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