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Telecom Italia: first notebook PCs to be launched with intelligent roaming

04/23/2009 - 02:15 PM

Guaranteed high performance for mobile broadband connectivity to any network standard in roaming mode. Notebooks use Qualcomm’s new Gobi2000 integrated data module and offer embedded GPS

Telecom Italia is to offer a new generation of notebook PC that allow optimized mobile Web surfing when the user is abroad. The main characteristic of these products is that they can automatically select the best connection in broadband roaming mode to connect to networks of any standard, thanks to Qualcomm’s new Gobi2000 integrated data module.

This is a technology for which Telecom Italia is the first operator worldwide to have completed certification. It allows high performance, mobile Web surfing with low power consumption, also in countries that use different standards from those used in Italy. As well as data connectivity, the Gobi multi-standard module also has embedded GPS capabilities (which automatically activate when the PC is booted) and enables new location based services such as road navigation, maps and tracking.

This initiative confirms Telecom Italia’s commitment to developing the use of mobile Internet services, providing its customers with cutting-edge technologies and products with integrated wireless connectivity.

Qualcomm’s embedded Gobi2000 module enables laptops to deliver mobile broadband via 3G,” stated Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qualcomm Europe.  “We are very happy to be working with Telecom Italia to satisfy the growing market demand for notebooks with the most advanced Internet connectivity and roaming performance.”

“We want to guarantee our customers the utmost freedom to connect to the Web at any time, anywhere and in full mobility”, said Luca Tomassini, Business Innovation manager at Telecom Italia.


Rome, 23  April 2009