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Telecom Italia: Agreement with Metroweb to expand fibre-optic network in Milan

05/30/2007 - 12:00 PM


The agreement is the basis of a Telecom Italia plan to link 70,000 buildings in the city of Milan and surrounds with optical fiber and forms part of the strategy to develop the NGN2 new generation network.

Telecom Italia has entered an agreement with Metroweb to expand its fiber-optic network in and around Milan. The agreement will give Telecom Italia access to 70,000 buildings, partly through Metroweb’s network infrastructure.

The contract, which includes an investment of approximately €50 million and the right to use the infrastructure for 15 years (renewable for a further 15 years), is part of Telecom Italia’s plan to develop its next-generation broadband network (NGN2), which, starting from the city of Milan, is scheduled to be rolled out across Italy.

Under the terms of the agreement, Telecom Italia will be able to use as well as its own infrastructure also the fibre optic made available by Metroweb for the construction of a network of devices sited within buildings and offer VDSL2 ultra broadband at capacities of up to 50 megabit/s, sufficient to carry highly-advanced services.

This agreement with Metroweb – which owns a highly extensive optical cable network in Milan – will allow Telecom Italia to reduce the time it takes to set up these installations and minimize the impact of public works, while at the same time obtaining the greatest possible leverage from its investments.


Milan, May 30, 2007