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Telecom Italia: orders received for 3.1 million mobile phones, over 40% of which UMTS

05/21/2007 - 12:00 PM

The Company’s new products presented at the Group dealer Convention in Valencia, leveraging the transparency strategy inaugurated last March: a day of telephone calls now costs 25 cents with “TIM Tribù”, while “Tutto Compreso Internet” offers internet web surfing from a mobile phone for 20 euros a month

Telecom Italia presented its new offers for the summer of 2007 in Valencia, collecting orders for 3.1 million mobile telephones, of which over 40% UMTS and exceeding the results of the May 2006 Convention when 2.5 million mobile phones were ordered.. These orders confirm a positive trend for growth in TIM customers, which as of 31 March 2007 reached 33.6 million in Italy (of whom 4.7 million on UMTS). Telecom Italia achieved a 42% market share of new GSM and UMTS lines in the first three months of 2007, corresponding to some 1.1 million lines. 

Starting from June, Telecom Italia is further simplifying the pricing of its mobile internet service. This, in brief, is the message conveyed to Telecom Italia’s distribution chain at the Valencia Convention. Telecom Italia is launching “Tutto Compreso Internet”, which, for 20 euros a month and no additional costs, offers free and unlimited access, surfing and downloads from Google, the world’s most popular search engine for all sorts of information. In addition, the 20-euro fee entitles users to 2 gigabytes per month of mobile and PC websurfing, without the government concession tax charge, which is being refunded to customers as a bonus in traffic.

With the new price list of handsets, TIM offers 34 UMTS models of which 16 are “Hi – Speed (HSPDA)”, and with 42 exclusive models it totals the highest number of exclusives on the market. Three new mobile phones were presented at the Convention. The Samsung SGH-U700, Samsung SGH-Z240 and LG KU580 HERO all have a dedicated button to make it as free and easy to access “Google” as it is to send a text message.
TIM is also revamping a “virtual” telephone token. Following a 7 euro one-off activation fee, this virtual token is available exclusively to TIM Tribù customers, 2.8 million at the end of December 2006. It lasts all day, and allows the customer who has chosen this option to make callsto other TIM Tribù users for just 25 cents (including VAT) without any additional costs, , without a set-up charge,  up to a maximum of one thousand minutes of airtime, all day up to midnight. The virtual token acts as a daily “vitamin” for those who want to make calls without worrying about the cost. Virtual tokens, which are also valid for SMS and MMS up to a maximum of one thousand per day (up to midnight), cost 25 cents per day and are automatically activated by the first message sent that day.

The same daily token mechanism is being extended to internet surfing: 25 cents a day entitles users to one thousand free connections to the internet from a mobile phone (by midnight), for any web page consultation or download. Mobile web users will now always know exactly what they are spending.

Customers may also use their TIM mobile phones or PC Cards to manage their “Alice” mail at home or on the move, and access instant messaging services just like with a broadband chat service. All of these connections use the Super UMTS network, which has been offering speeds of up to 3.6 Megabits as of November, enhancing the quality of multimedia services. In March 2007, Telecom Italia posted a strong increase in revenues from interactive services, +21% compared with the first quarter of 2006, driven by ongoing innovation of its serviceportfolio.


Milan, 21 May 2007